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February 8, 2002 

a young woman named Jamie Stickle, who was a popular bartender and beloved member of the LGBTQ+ community in Pittsburgh, PA, was tragically, violently killed in her car, parked outside her home. Despite a great deal of evidence indicating a homicide, Jamie's case was never classified as such, and remains unsolved to this day.

21Years Later

Jaime Stickle, an actor, a writer, and podcaster who has been haunted by the association of their shared name, has made it her mission, along with her team, to tell Jamie's story, explore the   many reasons her case went cold, and discover what has happened in the years since. Most importantly, we will try to redefine her legacy, remembering her for the wonderful person she was, and not the terrible way she left this world.

Our Exploration 

is ongoing, and we are looking forward to sharing Jamie's story with you.

If you knew Jamie, or have any information about how she died, we want to hear from you. Please contact us HERE

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   The Show

Welcome, listeners, to a podcast like no other. I'm your host, Jaime Stickle, and today, I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey through the heart-wrenching cold case of Jamie Stickle.

You see, this is not just another investigation into an unsolved mystery. It's a deeply personal exploration for me because I share not only the same name as the victim but also a profound determination to find the truth that has eluded us for far too long.

Jamie Stickle's death remains a haunting mystery, a story that has not been heard or projected through the country loud enough. Leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. But with your help, we're about to embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery.

I am not a detective, nor a seasoned investigator. My background lies in a different realm entirely. I am an actor, a writer, and an observer of the human condition. But when I stumbled upon this case, something ignited within me—a deep, inexplicable connection that demanded my attention.

On this podcast, we'll delve into the complex web of Jamie's life, peeling back the layers of her story with relentless determination. We'll retrace her steps, reexamine the evidence, and engage with experts, friends, and family who have been haunted by her absence for twenty years.

Together, we'll navigate the twists and turns of this perplexing case. We'll explore Jamie's life, searching for the finest threads that may lead us to the truth.

Our podcast will go beyond the headlines. We will be doing in-depth research, and conducting interviews with experts. We will be traveling to Pittsburgh (from L.A.) to gather firsthand accounts of the investigation. Each episode will be meticulously crafted, combining storytelling techniques with a keen eye for detail to bring this story to life.


You have the
Right To Know

Would you like to submit your own Right To Know request for the Pittsburgh Police Department's case files to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records?

Download and complete/personalize this form  and submit it by email to the Office of Open Records at:

Our Team

Jaime Parker Stickle, Executive Producer & Host


Executive Producer & Host

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Jason Beeber, Senior Producer


Senior Producer, Editor

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Associate Producer

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