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Letters from your Bar Fly

Hi guys, some of you may know me as the associate producer of The Girl with the Same Name. I just wanted to come on here and say hello and tell you a little bit about who I am and what I do for the show!

I am a Montclair State University student studying Film and Television. I first found out about this project after getting accepted into a highly competitive LA program. Jaime Stickle reached out to me regarding two projects she was working on that they needed interns for. One was her Make That Paper Productions Podcast and the other was a New True Crime series they were looking to release. 

My mother, who’s dream it was to become a detective, loves True Crime. I had dedicated my entire acceptance into the program to her, so I decided to take the route that I had no previous connections to. Turns out, it’s been the best decision I have ever made.

After a full semester as an Intern, my focus was in investigative Journalism. I found that I was actually quite good at snooping and gathering information. It could be the Gen Z in me or that I love gossip. I’ve written pieces, ran PR, and even worked out in the field. 

I have so many stories to tell, so stay tuned and I’ll be sure to give you some inside scoops!

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